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Louisa Rose Mackleston speaks at the Future is Northern

Reported by Yusef Alam on the 4th of November 2022

A BRADFORD filmmaker inspired the next generation by speaking at an event in the city this week.

Louisa Rose Mackleston, founder of Northern Fortress Films and director of the hit short Ruth & Safiya, spoke at the Future is Northern event at the National Science and Media Museum on Wednesday. “The aim of the event was to show young adults all the different opportunities in the industry,” said Louisa. “I did a talk about my journey into the industry, to demonstrate that there isn’t just one route. “I also did some panel talks and gave people tailored advice. “I’m really passionate about encouraging social mobility and helping people pursue their dream careers. As someone who, five years ago, was in their shoes, I’m able to give that feedback and advice. “It was a really positive event. It was great that the Museum held it, and it made a big difference to a lot of people.” Thomas Mark Joslin, a recent CoSE:Y graduate, also spoke at the event. “It was a pleasure to attend. I met new trainees and gained some great contacts,” he said. “I cannot thank Screen Skills and CoSE:Y enough for the opportunities I’ve had, not only to start my dream career, but also to share my story with others.”


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