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Our Values


northern voices

We are passionate and committed to telling authentic stories, told by Northern voices. 

  Nobody knows the North better than the Northerners, which is why we want to create socially conscious content on real and topical issues affecting it's people.

females in film

We are determined and driven to change the culture of the film industry across all departments. We will do this through the mentorship and nurturing of new talent and through the education of young people on the opportunities the industry holds. 

We are keen to empower the next generation of Female Filmmakers and give them advice on avenues into the industry.


Diversity and representation

We commit to holding diversity and representation at the core of our work, both in front of and behind the camera.


This includes equal representation of gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion, disability and neurodiversity.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to shine a spotlight on Northern talent, provide a platform for Northern voices and create greater accessibility into the screen sector for underrepresented filmmakers. 

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We are passionate about social change and encouraging people to pursue their dream careers in the Screen Industries, by making it more accessible for people from all backgrounds. Therefore we have run multiple workshops which equip young, aspiring filmmakers with more knowledge about the Industry and the roles that are available to them. 

Founder, Louisa Rose Mackelston, has also spoken at TEDx about the importance of more diversity and representation in the Screen Industries. 

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As well as educating people about the need for greater access into the industry, we have provided on-set experience and opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.

(have we? - include examples of providing access)

We are Rolling?



We aim to lead by example by actively working to be the change we want to see in the Screen Industry. We do this through our outreach work in education and access to opportunities in film. 

Our Journey... so far

Virgin Money Fund:

Young Changemaker 

Sponsorship from Deusche Bank

LEAP Radical Impact 


Public Talks (TEDx)

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