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Funding for both the development and production of this short film was kindly provided by Rope Ladder Fiction Founder & Executive Producer Cameron Roach. Rope Ladder Fiction is a PACT #Future30 independent production company.

Surprise, Baby!

Parent-to-be Taye contemplates confiding in their pregnant partner Serena about their own gender identity on the day of their baby shower. Taye is unsure of how to go about this but as the baby shower looms the ticking clock becomes more overwhelming. He has to tell Serena before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Serena finds herself convinced by her assertive mother and baby shower co-host Pam, to turn the event into a gender reveal party. Wale, Taye's brother, is aware of the impending gender reveal and advises Taye to hold off on sharing their secret. In a moment of reflection fuelled by discomfort, Taye stares at himself in the mirror, gathering the courage to reveal the truth to Serena.

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